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The Best and Worst of Las Vegas for the Handicapped Traveler

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In a wheelchair? On crutches?


The Worst: The Flamingo Buffet:
The smoking section for the Flamingo buffet is down two carpeted ramps. The fact that there is a waiting list for the smoking section but not for non-smoking should be a tip off to the management that the floor plan needs to be changed. When in a wheelchair, it is very difficult to get yourself, or be pushed, on a rugged ramp. Try doing it with a full plate of food. On the bright side, I asked for a bus tray to put on my lap and was loaned one. If I didn't think to ask, I'd have been sitting down in the area looking at the food all night... no one offered to help. There is no smoking handicapped access area to sit in, so don't bother with this buffet.

The Best: Caesar's Buffet:
This is by far the best buffet in town with the best food and service. It is also the easiest for the handicapped traveler. Use the ramp just to the left of the line. Nancy Swanson is the best hostess in Vegas, say "Howdy" for me if you are there for dinner.

Imperial Palace
One of the least expensive, lots of food, filling, fast and easy to get around in a wheelchair. Don't eat the French Toast.

Treasure Island:
Has an awkward entrance area but they come out right away and lead you around another way.


Best Coffee:
Lenotre at Paris
The function room at The Imperial Palace

Worst Coffee:
Seattles at Barbary Coast
Anywhere else in Las Vegas


Best store:
Stock up on beer, wine and cigarettes for your room at Battista's behind the Flamingo hotel.
Worst store:
Found in every hotel.

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