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The Best and Worst of Las Vegas for the Handicapped Traveler

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In a wheelchair? On crutches?

Star Trek

The Star Trek exhibit at the Las Vegas Hilton mentions comment for the handicapped traveler. The price quoted in all the books is $19.95 per person, even the evening news quoted that price, hours after we visited there. However, the price was really $24.99 and we were told it had been that for awhile. Keep in mind that Hilton owns the hotel and Paramount owns the exhibit itself. They do not have a good relationship at all and the customer pays for it. You may not bring a drink from one side to the other, you are jumped by a Paramount Guard and chastised like a young child. (You may however take any glass or bottle from any other location in Vegas and go into any other establishment with it. I traveled 3 facilities with a frozen something or other drink, and have no idea what casino the ashtray that traveled on my lap came from.) You may not smoke on the Paramount side. Doesn't Paramount know that this exhibit is in Las Vegas and not the People's Republic of California? The ride was good and the employees connected with it were very professional. The "museum" and shopping area was horrible. You'll see more at any major Star Trek convention in the country, and you won't have employees looking down their noses at you. (Note: if you move to Vegas and can't get a job anywhere else due to mental illness or a lousy attitude, apply here.)

Special note: there is a ridge going into Quarks Lounge that threw my wheelchair off kilter and I wore my grooms beer all over my back. Not one employee as much as threw a napkin in our direction. Stay home and enjoy the show on television.

The Fremont Street Experience

The Fremont Street Experience... nice name for a dump. It wasn't worth the $20.00 cab fare each way from the hotel. The light show is nice. Expect to hang on to your pocket book really tightly and be more aware of the people around you than the sights. (The sights take less than an hour to see and there is nothing you haven't seen more and better of on the strip.) You'll be praying that you don't need to use a bathroom before you get back to your hotel. There is nothing in the downtown area you want to see unless there are a lot of you together on leave from the military.


All the free attractions: The volcano, the pirates fighting, the water fountain display... all are good and worth seeing. Do a little research online first and get the times of things so you don't spend all day waiting around. The big lion hoopla at the MGM is a few lions in a glassed in cage. I guess it would be exciting if you had never been to a decent zoo in your life. The penguins and flamingos in the Flamingo's garden were much more entertaining and also free.

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