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The Best and Worst of Las Vegas for the Handicapped Traveler

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In a wheelchair? On crutches?


Best wheelchair access to elevators: Caesars

Worst wheelchair access to elevators: Rio


Best walkways for a wheelchair: Tropicana

Worst walkways for a wheelchair: Paris. The cobblestones will shake any loose fillings out of your head.

I'm not sure what the owners of these resorts were thinking when they installed rug everywhere. The best places have rug in the center and plenty of room for wheelchairs, baby carriages etc on either side. Even at Caesars, with the best mall to wheel in, they have full rugging in the casinos, by the elevators, in hallways. Ramps with rugs are the worst, if you have weak arms, don't try it alone. Your arms and your pushers will be very tired by the end of your vacation.


Best wheelchair access to building: LOL!!! Keep your eyes open and look for ramps. Street level access is usually found on the corners of the buildings. Built in ramps for sidewalks are on every corner... I mean on the corner, not next to it. Not all buildings have doors with sensors so you will be opening doors along the way. At places like Paris, the far right has a handicapped button to open the door. Most of the revolving doors do have buttons to slow them down, but I had no problems with the wide sections and speed.

Worst wheelchair access to building: The Imperial Palace. A very heavy door that you can't open from a chair guards their handicapped entrance. The short corridor takes a sharp right turn before you are dumped down into the casino. A masochistic person who has never been in a chair or read any ADA rules set this up.


Best Bathroom:
The Hilton owned side of the Star Trek exhibit.

Worst Bathroom:
The casino side of the Flamingo, and anything on that side of the road for a block radius.


Best Garden and pool area: The Flamingo

Worst Garden and pool area: Any hotel charging less than $50.00 a night.


Best slots: Casino Royal

Worst slots: The airport in the smoking glass cage. For a city dependent on tourists and the gazillion dollars they spend, why does the airport treat us like we are not welcome?


Best doormen: Caesars

Worst doormen: Hilton


Worst Scent: Don't go near Mandalay Bay if you have any sinus problems. They scent all the plants, rugs, walls and tourists on the property. Unless you want a headache, stay away.

Best Scent: The other large hotels.

Note: Any of the smaller hotels and casinos smell. You know, that "old rug with dried beer on it" smell?


Best place for no children noise: Ceasers

Worst place for children noise: Circus Circus and Excalibur


Best availability of ashtrays: Anywhere but...

Worst availability of ashtrays: Ballys

Timeshare Salespeople

Best: Flamingo, they were polite and pleasant.

Worst: Ballys, Very pushy... and who needs that on a vacation?!

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